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Pelvic Physical Therapy

The pelvis is a complex part of the human body and encompasses many aspects of our health. The pelvic girdle refers to the area including joints, muscles, organs, nerves, and vasculature surrounding and within the pelvis. Pelvic physical therapy is able to treat disfunctions in all of these areas of the pelvis. Some issues may be present for many years without causing pain or change in daily function, others present themselves with much pain following trauma. Traumas may include pregnancy/delivery, falls, muscle strains, or repetitive unsafe movement.

Pregnancy and delivery changes the body greatly and at a very quick pace.  Physical therapy addresses pain during pregnancy, postural corrections, incontinence through pregnancy and postpartum, cesarean scar management/massage, diastasis rectus abdominis (DRA), pelvic organ prolapse (POP), perineal scar management/massage, body mechanics for safely lifting a new baby and during feedings, and even birth prep.

Young Mother and Baby

Wellness Services

Wellness physical therapy focuses on those clients without a problematic diagnosis.  This allows a client access to the knowledge a therapist possesses and a plan to maintain wellbeing. Services may include postural assessments of daily activities like standing/sitting/exercise, education on maintaining health, building personalized exercise programs, tips on healthy habits, and various screenings for health risks.

Seated Side Bend
Pilates Instructor
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