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Pelvic Physical Therapy & Wellness Services

Concierge pelvic health physical therapy, telemedicine, and wellness services.

Bring your therapist to you!

Prenatal Mediation

Meet the Doctor

Kasey Mastellar PT, DPT

Kasey is a physical therapist that specializes in pelvic health services. She is a 2016 graduate of Misericordia University in Dallas, PA where she earned her Bachelor's degree in Healthcare Management and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She has taken many courses to improve her skills in pelvic health, including with Herman & Wallace. A Pennsylvania native, Kasey is a wife to her loving husband and mother to two children. She also owns a photography business, Kasey Lauren Photography, and enjoys capturing newborn and family moments the most!

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Pregnancy changes the female body greatly over a short period of time. Treatments may include pain management, breathing techniques, birthing position training, & perineal massage.

Labor and delivery can cause many physical injuries. Postpartum care may address diastatis recti, pain management, body mechanics, scar massage, prolapse, urinary incontinence, & painful intercourse.


Urinary incontinence is common, but not normal! You will get a full assessment of diet, habits, leakage patterns, pelvic floor strength, and receive an individualized plan to regain control of your bladder.


Don't have a diagnosis? Just want to make sure everything is going well? No problem!

Wellness services may include education, exercise programs, and advice from a professional to keep you ahead of the game. 


Why PelvicPeace is Different

Your Health, Your Time

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  • Your Schedule Matters: Therapy that comes to you for a comprehensive visit, whether it be in person or virtual visit.

  • One on One, Patient-Focused Care: You will have undivided time with a specialist to get the most out of each visit.

  • Full Length Sessions: In person visits are 60-90 minutes and always include a hands-on treatment approach.

  • Whole-Body Wellness: Every part of your body works cohesively to keep you moving. Your plan of care will include ongoing assessment of structures outside of the pelvic floor for optimal recovery and whole-body wellness.

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